Innovatus Vol. 2, No. 1, 2019

They Know: A Pathfinding Rational Agent via Knowledge Acquistion Modeling from Player Behavior and Enhanced A* Algorithm
Joshua Rei Aviles, Christopher John Hispano, Jaen Dave Lucas, and Edwin M. Torralba

Philippines First: An Edutainment 3D Game for Android Mobile Platform using Separating Axis Theorem (SAT) Algorithm
Karen Nicole B. Francisco, Jerico D. Concepcion, Azenith R. Mojica, and Shenny Angela B. Montes

CALAMITIPS: An Android Mobile Applications using Kalman Filter Algorithm
Azenith R. Mojica, Breig Dinese A. Cantila, Leonor Thel S. Gomez, and Joseph Edrian B. Presco

Item Shop Tycoon: A Business Simulation Game using Monte Carlo Algorithm
Aaron Miguel N. Herbosa, Mark Lester N. Javier, Dhann S. Sapida, and Azenith R. Mojica

TRYWORK: Internship Recommender Services and Management System Utilizing Fuzzy Search Algorithm
Kristine Grace B. Estilo and Rosicar E. Escober

Green Light: A Continuing Professional Development Web and Mobile Application Implementing Latent Dirichlet Allocation (LDA) Algorithm
Cindy April R. Dakis and Rosicar E. Escober

Facial Recognition Performance Based on the Lighting Set-Up Models Applied to Home Security Door Access using Principal Component Analysis and Raspberry Pi Controller
Anna Liza A. Ramos, Bless L. Reyes, Jomar J. Nuevo, Paulo A. Avila, Eugene A. Bas, and Patrick June M. Gonzales

Filipino based Facial Emotion Features Datasets using Haar-Cascade Classifier and Fisherfaces Linear Discriminant Analysis Algorithm
Anna Liza A. Ramos, Paolo A. Buenafe, Evander Keannu C. Cabrales, Shaina O. Portas, and Jasreel D. Teñido

Real Time Wearable Locator Device for Distress
Mary Rose N. Navarro, Nestor R. Valdez, and Mark Joseph B. Enojas

Caimestry: Development of a Computer Aided Instruction on Chemistry for College Freshmen Students
Aida A. Escorial and Aloha May H. Ambe

eClaims: A Cloud-based Scheduling and Processing of Members Benefit Claims for Social Insurance Information System
Jayrezze O. Cañedo

Project Sigaw: A Community-based Incident Reporting and Mapping using Google Maps
John Ed Augustus A. Escorial, Rabby Q. Lavilles, and Alquine Roy F. Taculin

Fissare: Troubleshooting Tool in Improving Government Application Systems using Social Listening Concept
Dianne Nicole G. Gabriel, and Rosicar E. Escober

Bilingual Feedback Management System for Frontline Services with Sentiment Analysis using Naïve-Bayes Algorithm
Benjie R. Samonte

Emerging Themes on Filipino Companies' Needs Towards Quality Management
Giuseppe C. Ng

A Problem Oriented Approach to Implementing an Inventory and Point-of-Sale System for Company KCP
Patricia Denisse T. Sison, Karla P. Oreiro, John Cedric Z. Camalit, and Giuseppe C. Ng

An Agile Methodology Approach in Developing A Student Information System
Alvin E. Dela Torre, Johann Carl E. Malto, Kyle Jed N. Montuano, and Rey Vincenzo Y. Cruz

Developing A Repair Management System with an Integrated Parts Inventory Stock Handling System Through the Use of Agile Methodology
Nathaniel Jason G. Santos, Patrick Jansen P. Magcalas, Vince Roosevelt L. Siy, and Romeo P. Venes

Implementing Document Management System (DMS) Technology in Barangay Paligui, Apalit, Pampanga
Angela Mikaela R. Requinto, Rangel Angelo C. Macapagal, Aldrin A. Pineda, Chyrine A. Cortez, Ferdie Q. Canlas, and Romack Natividad

Into the Campus: Creating an Android-based Interactive Virtual Tour of La Verdad Christian College – Apalit Using Unity 3D
Ronmar E. Calingasan, Jaison B. Ramos, Elsie J. Espinosa, Brigette C. Casipagan, Stephanie C. Alviar, Sharene T. Labung, Jennifer V. Aguilar, and Romack L. Natividad

Online Graduate Tracer With Mobile Application: A Model
Andrew P. Ponte, Kyrden Cyril G. Dacalos, and Purificacion R. Lina

Impact of Edmodo in the Teaching-Learning Process of I.T. Department Professors
Diosdado M Aler III

Decision Support System for Gamefowl Performance Forecasting
Lea P. Ymalay