The Effectiveness of the Youth Internet Governance Forum in Increasing the Level of Awareness of Participating Students at Southville International School and Colleges in Internet Governance

  • Aris E. Ignacio, DIT, MCP, MCE
  • Southville International School and Colleges
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  • Since its inception in 2005, Internet Governance (IG) creates an environment of discussions and consensus among different stakeholders which impacts in shaping the evolution and use of the Internet. Awareness have been a key ingredient in the initial step in fulfilling the objectives that lies within the issues in IG. Not a lot of people are aware of the term but familiar with the issues and subject matters in the IG sphere specifically the youth sector in the Philippines. The Youth Internet Governance Forum (yIGF) is a youth-driven initiative by NetMission Ambassadors geared in providing a platform for the youth to model the actual multi-stakeholder discussion. This allows participants to specifically know the different activities and mimic decisions on critical issues surrounding the utilization of the Internet. The study determines the IG awareness of students, more specifically in the Bachelor of Science in Information Technology program of Southville International School and Collleges, who will be participating both the 2016 Taipei and 2017 Bangkok editions of yIGF through a pre-event survey based on the instrument used during SEEDIG 2016. The same survey was conducted after the event commenced to determine if there was an improvement on the awareness of Internet Governance and its issues and activities. The study showed that yIGF had a hand in providing and promoting awareness to the youth who had particularly limited to no knowledge of the concepts and issues surrounding IG using simulations from the actual methods and activities conducted in the actual fora

  • internet governance, youth, forum, awareness, Philippines