Web-based Record System for Southville International School and Colleges College of Psychology

  • Jozeff L. Perez
  • Southville International School and Colleges
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  • For the College of Psychology to achieve the aims of its curriculum, there needs to be an accurate or timely monitoring of the student’s progress. The student’s progress is tracked through his or her student reports. Thus, producing these reports in an efficient and productive manner is essential to the accomplishment of the department’s goals. This research aimed to produce a Web-Based Record System for the College of Psychology that can address the need of the department of the College of Psychology for a secure, reliable, and convenient way of managing, storing and retrieving records for making decisions and producing actionable information from generated reports. Based on the results of the operational, technological, economic and schedule feasibility analysis, the system was able to resolve the critical problems of the department. The researcher was able to develop a secure database that can store the records of all the important and relevant items (e.g. 201 files, event waivers, thesis titles and abstracts), a web application that can save new records and search through all of the existing records, and a system that can produce a comprehensive report of a student, and reports regarding the state of the college’s students.

  • student progress, tracking, report generation