First Aid Mobile Application

  • Fulgencio D. Ducut
  • Aris E. Ignacio
  • Aaron Paul R. Macabebe
  • Southville International School and Colleges
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  • The creation of the application was to achieve a way to deliver adequate knowledge to people for handling without professional help on the site of an accident or an emergency. Most people are usually not knowledgeable in what to do in first aid situations, and that is because nobody has had easy access to the necessary information it requires. The aim of the study is to create an application that gives awareness and knowledge to people on the various methods and practices on first aid care. Giving the people ways or the means to help people in need instead of waiting for help to arrive. Based on statistics conducted on 2010 St John’s Ambulance, London Nearly 2/3 (59%) of people would not feel comfortable saving a life, 1/4 (24%) Would do nothing and wait for an ambulance to arrive or wait for someone else knows how to administer first aid and over 1/4 (28%) say that they would know what first aid procedures to do – but the people involved usually lack in confidence, as the polls show that a lot would do wrong things that could even potentially make the situation worse. The researcher was able to develop an application with the first aid registry of all the newer first aid procedures all certified by Red Cross Philippines to give access to everyone on what to do to administer first aid procedures

  • first aid, mobile application, procedures, Red Cross