Proposed Multi-platform Purchase Ordering System for Company A

  • Allen Albert W. Alejo
  • Alyssa Mae G. Valdez
  • Juan Miguel G. Velis
  • Rodney C. Villaruel
  • Mark Anthony P. Sabili, Ph.D.
  • Edwin L. Olmos, Ph.D.
  • University of Asia and the Pacific
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  • Most companies at present welcome automation in their processes for a more efficient and productive everyday operations. Company A is a business in Pasig City that produces and distributes flavors and fragrances. Flavors include chocolate flavors, strawberry flavors, among others. Meanwhile, fragrances include aromas such as lavender, rose water, among others.

    The researchers conducted interviews and surveys in the company in order to identify the problems being encountered in their existing business process. The existing purchase order system of the company is done manually. There is no existing standard process when it comes to processing their purchase order slip.

    The Rapid Application Development (RAD) was used in the development of the system. RAD provides the abilities to quickly develop an application or a system and to make configurations when needed without leading to an iterative development environment.

    The researchers were able to design a proposed multi-platform purchase ordering system for Company A. The system is a desktop application which can be accessed via mobile interface both Android and iOS. Customers will be able to track the progress of their order and get notification in real time via GPS. Issuing of the receipt can also be done using the application. The desktop application also provides the company with the comprehensive reports of all the orders that were processed. The proposed system is more efficient for both the company and the customers.

  • Purchase Ordering System, Rapid Application Development, Mobile Application, Automation