A Survey on NoSQL Databases and MongoDB

  • Diane Sarah Abog
  • Charlie Ben Garperio II
  • Princess Ivy Quinones
  • University of Asia and the Pacific
Published in
  • Innovatus: Digital Transformation in Business Information Systems Vol. 5, No. 1 (Online), 2022
  • ISSN (Print): 2651-6993

  • With the exponential growth rate of data along with the rapid development of Internet of Things and Big Data, NoSQL databases have started taking the place of relational databases as companies seek solutions that can better handle the increasing workload complexity and scalability issues of applications today. The paper gives an overview of the concepts of NoSQL databases and highlights the widely-used document data store, MongoDB. Differences of NoSQL and RDBMS databases are described in this paper as well as the usage of MongoDB as compared to other NoSQL databases. The issues on security and vulnerabilities of NoSQL and MongoDB are also discussed. The main objective of this paper is to explore the usage of NoSQL and MongoDB to support a decision for choosing an appropriate solution that could be used in varied applications.

  • RDBMS, NoSQL, MongoDB, Big Data, Internet of Things

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