An Agile Methodology Approach to an Asset Management System for Company A

  • Samantha Kate S. Hilario
  • Martin Alfonso S. Dizon
  • Nicole Immanuel D. Mallari
  • Inigo Joaquin F. Salazar
  • University of Asia and the Pacific
Published in
  • Innovatus: Digital Transformation in Business Information Systems Vol. 5, No. 1 (Online), 2022
  • ISSN (Print): 2651-6993

  • The researchers discovered that Company A is experiencing challenges in managing and tracking their furniture, appliances, and IT resources. The company currently uses MS Excel as their asset management; however, it became inefficient enough to be used in their business operations anymore ever since the company is growing and gaining more clients. The researchers implemented an Agile Methodology approach in developing the Resource Allocation Management System (RAMS). The Agile Methodology approach allows the developers to divide a big project into smaller and manageable tasks while keeping a close collaboration with the stakeholders for its business processes, progress, and improvement. The researchers would provide a system that keeps track of the whole life cycle of the asset (item specifications, procurement, current user and location, and usage history) where every asset record is protected. The researchers did a total of 11 sprints in creating the system because there are many features that the developers needed to create since the company did not have an efficient asset management system. After development, the researchers would meet with the client again for validation and feedback. In conclusion, the researchers found that the Agile approach was effective in identifying issues and designing solutions that tailor-fit to the business of the client.

  • Asset management, Agile, Asset, Resources

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