An Agile Approach to a Project Management Information System Amidst the COVID-19 Pandemic

  • Aaron Emmanuel F. Magno
  • Paula Andrea Belo
  • Carlos Miguel L. Miranda
  • University of Asia and the Pacific
Published in
  • Innovatus: Digital Transformation in Business Information Systems Vol. 5, No. 1 (Online), 2022
  • ISSN (Print): 2651-6993

  • Company X has inefficiencies in their business process that are causing bottlenecks in managing their projects. According to the company, the process of collecting project and client information, and sending it for approval takes at least a week to complete when it should be done in at most 3 days. They also do not have a systematized way of storing and retrieving information, as their data has been fragmented across multiple software programs. Despite the restrictions brought by the pandemic, we utilized an Agile Methodology in developing a project management information system that keeps track of projects, clients, tasks and work logs of the company. The entire development process, as well as all interactions with the client, were done online. We used Google Forms to collect data from the client after key sprints, and we used Discord, GitHub, and Trello as our main collaboration tools throughout this process. In conclusion, agile methodology allowed us to conduct a flexible approach as development is done through sprints. Online meetings were held with the client after every key sprint, and the necessary tools were used to ensure the successful remote development of the system.

  • Project Management Information System, Remote, Agile, Project Management

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