Automated Plant Irrigation with Message Alert

  • Lil Samuelle Marcelo
  • Justine Earl Fernandez
  • Earl James Santos
  • Joshua Estrella
  • Christian Karl Hernando
  • Dranreb Bobis
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  • It is timely that today’s generation is up to new innovations. High-end technologies and growing community of artificial intelligence, and automation in the field of Agriculture is not new to this. Agriculture, and most commonly pertaining to plants and irrigation is before of manual planting and watering, farmers spend most of their time checking and watering their fields. Making it hard for them because it requires a lot of effort just to secure the soil is well moisten for not enough moisture to the soil can lead to plants not having enough water which will result for it to die. Automated Plant Irrigation with Message Alert is the next generation of farming techniques, now it would automatically be operated depending on the need of the soil. As soon as the Soil Moisture senses that the soil is not moisten enough, the water pump will automatically turn on until the desired moisture is reached then it will also automatically turn off after. It is executed by the Arduino Uno, power source is not a problem because it can be of any source of direct current voltage. Let us not forget the function of the Message Alert System, from the word itself “message” it will send the owner a message of update when the water pump turns on and off. Generally, the status of the plants irrigation can be monitored away from the site and will no longer have to stay long outside under the heat of the sun, and for sure will lessen the burden of work for the owner. Also included is the LED Display that shows the status of the soil. All of these are being operated by the Arduino Uno in association with relay and of course the sensor itself. The benefits of automation is boundless. It can help ease burdens and purposively works to the extent of every user’s comfort.

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